AWS Pop Up Loft!

I just spent the week acting as an architect at the AWS Pop Up Loft in San Francisco. Pretty cool little spot, it’s a 3 floor building which has wifi and free food/drinks throughout. It even comes equipped with a free keg! You can check out more about it here:

It was cool to meet face to face with customers using AWS and to help them with issues they had or to help them better architect their resources with AWS. Questions ranged wildly from using Lambda to using Cognito with DynamoDB, to setting up streaming services while minimizing data out costs, to helping people with failed elastic beanstalk deployments. I even had an EMR cluster issue which was interesting to look at. Shout out to Mark as he is a Solutions Architect who also worked with me behind the bar helping people with their concerns.

Highlight of the trip has to be eating at In-N-Out however, pictures incoming.