How to create a wordpress site on EC2, THE AWS CLOUD!

Launch instance. … Website. Magic!

Just kidding, first thing was to launch an Amazon Linux AMI from the management console, in particular a 64 bit AMI of the micro instance size in the Oregon region. Once the instance was up and running, I allocated an EIP so that it would be easier to SSH into the instance, and also to help with DNS routing later on.

Once the instance was launched, I ran sudo yum update to update the AMI. After that I had to install Apache, PHP, and then MySQL. The commands for this were sudo yum install httpd, service httpd start, sudo yum install php php-mysql, service httpd restart, finally sudo yum install mysql-server, service mysqld start.

At this point I needed to configure mySQL, so I created a data base: mysqladmin -uroot create wordpress, secured it: mysql_secure_installation, then I followed the wizard until SQL was fully installed.

After that I began the install of wordpress onto the box. To do this I used wget to download the latest version of wordpress, then extracted that using tar, and finally I needed to create and edit the base wordpress config file, wp-config.php.

Finally I could set the login details for wordpress and get into the nitty gritty of the setting up each page and post on this site, including awesome pics.

Now that wordpress is all configured, I needed to update the DNS on my registrar to point to the Public EIP which I had associated to the instance. I also created a new subdomain through my registrar (, and assigned the same IP to this newly created subdomain, so that the same content could be served both to and also



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