Using CLI Tools

Today, the main focus was on using the command line to interact with your AWS account and all of the EC2 resources on your account.

To start with, I downloaded the ec2-api-tools so that I can use the CLI with my windows laptop. I used this guide:

After getting the CLI tools up and running, I then began playing around with the features, mainly that of launching instances, stopping and restarting them, creating volumes, and attaching them to instances.

One thought on “Using CLI Tools

  1. It’s worth noting that, if you foollw their advice of rebooting your instances manually, the scheduled event icon doesn’t go away immediately. In fact, I’ve been waiting a few hours now and it’s still there on an instance I rebooted manually. AWS EC2 forums are awash with people waiting >24 hours for it the disappear, believing that it won’t and AWS will reboot it again. Which of course is annoying a few people who have to manually intervene with their instances when they don’t come back up on their own.

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