Creating an Instance Store backed AMI from an original EBS backed AMI

Well, usually you want to avoid instance store, and only go with EBS for the flexibility and redundancy offered, however sometimes instance store is the preferred method, so therefore it $pays$ to be familiar with the ins and outs of both.

In our activity today, I learned how to create an instance store backed AMI from an originally EBS backed AMI. The documentation to get started on this can be found here:

Here are all the steps I took to make it happen. First, I launched a regular Amazon linux 64 bit EBS backed AMI. Then, after SSH’ing and configuring the instance how I wanted it, I had then had to upload my keypair, my private key file, and also my certificate file directly onto my instance. I decided to load mine directly onto /home/ec2-user

In order to upload all of the files onto the server, I used WinSCP to remote into the box, and then drag and drop the files from my local machine onto the server.

Once all of the files were uploaded, I had a few commands to run. First was the ec2-bundle-vol command, specifically I used:

ec2-bundle-vol -k pk-DC2ZORVQYSSOOG2J3ZCQIAK3LN4L7MF4.pem -c cert-DC2ZORVQYSSOOG2J3ZCQIAK3LN4L7MF4.pem -u (myAWS12digitaccountnumber) -b root=/dev/sda1

Then, I had to upload the bundle to S3 to make it super redundant:

ec2-upload-bundle -b troybucket -m /tmp/image.manifest.xml -a (myaccesskey) -s (mysecretaccesskey)

After refreshing my S3 bucket, I was delighted to find lots of little happy files residing there. At this point, there was only one more step to go, registering the AMI so it can be used. To do this, I used the ec2-register command.

ec2-register troybucket/image.manifest.xml -n deadpoolami -O (myaccesskey) -W (mysecretaccesskey) –region us-west-2

At this point, I was done. I now could browse my new instance store based ami (ami-6ded7c5d) via the management console, or through CLI using the ec2-describe-images -a –region us-west-2 command.

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