Classic and VPC Instances

Amazon offers 2 main environments to launch their instances, EC2 Classic and Amazon VPC.

EC2 Classic essentially refers to launching instances that are all public facing. All instance ports launched within EC2 Classic can be reached from anyone on the internet, as long as the security group allows it.

VPC gives the customer much more flexibility and modification with how their environment is created and maintained. If a customer chooses to launch within a VPC environment, they are able to edit both egress and ingress port filtering, they can assign private IP addresses within different subnets, and they can also create both ‘public’ and ‘private’ VPC environments for their resources.

There is no price difference between running instances in the classic environment or running in a VPC, however data transfer costs can become more complicated in a VPC environment as you can have data transfer going out of one VPC into another VPC which can then incur data costs.

For more information about Amazon VPC, please view the below documentation set:

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