Auto Scaling – Bread and Butter of AWS

So, what makes AWS so great overall?

The cheap prices, the ease of use, the vast resources? All of these things are good, but Auto Scaling is really what makes AWS truly unique and flexible.

With Auto Scaling, you are able to create a policy whereby if your site or application experiences a significant increase in traffic or CPU utilization, you can then have your AS policy create new back-end instances behind an Elastic Load Balancer to help supply the resources needed to fill the demand. Alternatively, if your site or application is not needing all of the resources currently running on your account, you can configure the AS group to scale down during these times to save you money.

At the current time, it is only possible to create an Auto Scaling group using the CLI tools, if you are not wanting to use the Elastic Beanstalk service or a third party service. Our documentation is a great place to get started with using the CLI tools needed to create your first launch config, and then also your Auto Scaling group:

Using this method, 1) you can ensure you never pay too much for your AWS resources, and 2) you always have the supply needed to keep your application online and ready to go

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